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e are a team of seasoned strategy consultants and data scientists with a combined 50 years of business technology and management experience across a wide range of industries and geographies.

From experience, we firmly believe that Analytics without in-depth domain and context understanding has limited value. While actionable business advice requires rigorous data analysis and evidence. This combination is at the heart of our value proposition and is what we believe makes us unique.

Our data-driven consulting services are centred around marketing strategy, and aims at maximising your marketing ROI. Our vertical focus is on Retail, e-Commerce and TMT (Tech, Media and Telcos).


Micro Segmentation

Gain insights about your consumers at a level of granularity never before possible.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge sentiments about your offerings and campaigns in real-time and predict behaviours.

Customer Lifetime Value

Measure profitability and retention per customer or per segment.


Price Optimisation

Set your optimum pricing using our advanced economic algorithms.

Assortment Optimisation

Get real-time insights at SKU level to optimise your product portfolio.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Peter Drucker


                            All-in-one Custom Dashboards with Intuitive Visualisations

Demand Elasticity Calculator
Products Profitability Analyser
Basket Size Tracker
CLV Calculator
Sentiment Meter
Product Growth Tracker


Recommender System

Custom made to perfectly suit your customer, business and context.

Multichannel Integrator

Integrates your campaigns across multiple channels for improved customer experience, loyalty and better insights.


Accurately predicts your sales, customer churn, delinquency or fraud based on advanced predictive algorithms.

Meet the team

Ahmed Bakir
The Data Scientist
Sudheer Marisetti
The Data Architect
Amr El Gabry
The Strategist

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